SCI Symposium Spring 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 12:30 - 6:00

All SCI presentations and events are in Heth 14 

12:30 - 12:50  Introduction to Mindfulness
Eileen Lagos
Faculty Mentor(s): Alan Forrest and Patricia B. Shoemaker 

12:50-1:10  Can we collaborate to protect and sustainably harvest Appalachian medicinal plants?
Caroline Leggett
Faculty Mentor(s): Christine Small

1:10-1:30  Aging and Depression
Carolyn Ansel,  Lexi Phonasa, & Marilyn Whitaker
Faculty Mentor(s): Kathleen Poole and Pam Frasier

1:40-2:00  Roots with Wings
Kortney Perry, Cearra Cargo, Andy Dinh, Reyo Hodges, Eileen Lagos, Chelsey Mathis, Samuel Montana, Cara Myrtle, Sara Garvin
Faculty Mentor(s): Melinda Wagner

2:00-2:30  Senior Health and Wellness Fair
Ajla Becirevic, Alex Harris, Britney Phekoo, Brittany Blanco, Cory Toler, Emilee Wells, Jenny Cook, Kayla Ogden, Lauren Sigmon, Meredith Brubaker, Samantha Koester, Morgan Wyatt, Zach Manuel
Faculty Mentor(s): Jyotsna Sharman

2:40 - 3:00  Radford Model United Nations, SRMUN 2017 Conference Presentation
Ivan Thirion Romo, Brady Guertin
Faculty Mentor(s): Paige Tan

3:00-3:45  Nutrition Education on Campus and in Broader Community
Emily Anderson, Christopher Anglin, Morgan Bishop, Kassidy Broome,Taylor Cannaday, Grace Currey, Sarah Danaceau, Jane Everett, Cailin Henry, Rebecca Journigan, Hillary Nolan, Caroline Poff, Chase Thompson, Ashley Timbrook, Audra VanDerwerker, Madison Williams, Seana Wilson, Kasey Yost, Alyssa Zilka
Faculty Mentor(s): Jyotsna Sharman

4:00 - 6:00  Senior ePortfolio Showcase
Students graduating with distinction from the Scholar-Citizen program will share their progress and accomplishments in ePortfolios showcasing the skills, knowledge, and critical habits of mind that will empower them to be agents of change for themselves, for their families, and for their communities.

May 2017 graduating class:

  1. Carolyn Ansel, Health Education & Health Promotion, Scholar-Citizen Fellow
    Faculty Mentor: Pam Frasier
  2. Stacey Boateng, Political Science, Scholar-Citizen
    Faculty Mentor: Paige Tan
  3. Genevieve Carrasco, Political Science, Scholar-Citizen
    Faculty Mentor: Paige Tan
  4. Laurie George,  Nutrition & Dietetics, Scholar-Citizen
    Faculty Mentor: Jyotsna Sharman
  5. Brianna Guest, Political Science, Scholar-Citizen
    Faculty Mentor: Paige Tan
  6. Hanna Mitchell, Applied Mathematics, Scholar-Citizen Fellow
    Faculty Mentors:Jean Mistele and Sara O’Brien
  7. Taylor Slater, Leadership and Military Science, Scholar-Citizen
    Faculty Mentors:  Major Stephen Ray and Michele Ren
  8. Grace Smiley, Biology and Dance, Scholar-Citizen Fellow
    Faculty Mentors: Amy Van Kirk
  9. Sydney Walcott, Health Education & Health Promotion, Scholar-Citizen Fellow
    Faculty Mentor: Pam Frasier

In Absentia

  1. Rachel Jones, Nursing,  Scholar-Citizen Fellow
    Faculty Mentors: Eunyoung Lee, Megan Hebdon, and Linda Ely
  2. Malina Richardson, Health Education & Health Promotion, Scholar-Citizen
    Faculty Mentor: Pam Frasier