Fitness & Wellness

Our mission is to create healthier, happier, and more successful students at Radford University.

We do this by offering quality programs, knowledgeable staff, and student development and education that enhance physical and mental performance, provide education and development, and foster long-term healthy lifestyle choices. We also strive to create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, responsive and inspiring for its participants.

We do this through the following programs and services:

  • Group X Program
    • 60 weekly classes taught by Group X Instructors
    • Instructor trainings and academic classes
    • Fitness Assistants 
  • Strength & Conditioning Services
    • Knowledgeable Fitness Specialists in the weight room
    • One-on-one or partner personal training by our Personal Trainers
    • Workshops and academic classes
    • Fitness Education and Resources
  • Fitness Events
    • Lifting Competitions
    • Fitness Parties
    • Certifications
  • FitWell Club
    • Student-run organization
    • Visit RU Involved for more information
  • Wellness Education
    • Recreation Referral Program
    • Educational resources on all Wellness Dimensions