Reasons to Choose Radford

Undergraduate Cole Faulkner is a double major in biology and chemistry

Cole Faulkner '20

"Most of the professors I have had want to get to know who their students really are, and I would even call some of my professors my friends. It is this passion that makes myself and many other students succeed in and out of the classroom, and proud to call ourselves students at Radford University.”

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Nicole Diambra '18

“The RARE trip, Bahamas trip and countless performance opportunities I have had, both at Radford University as well as at the Kennedy Center, are all such unique opportunities to engage in the areas of study I love."

Undergraduate Nicole Diambra is a dance and recreation, parks and tourism major
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Graduating undergraduate student Kevon DuPree

Kevon DuPree '17

“At Radford, you’re more than just a number, faculty actually take the time to get to know you on a more personal level. Through their challenging curriculum, they do an excellent job of preparing students for the 'real world' and to excel in their chosen career field.”

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Jessica Ostrower, DPT '17

"I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend a Doctor of Physical Therapy program that not only values academic and clinical excellence, but also service, community and family."

Doctor of Physical Therapy graduating student Jessica Ostrower
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Elementary education transfer student Lena Johnson

Lena Johnson '18

"As a transfer student, all of the organizations I have been involved in have enhanced my self-esteem and given me a spirit of dedication. Through my involvement I can say that I have truly learned what is important to me, and become a better person from these experiences.”

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Luis Arias '18

“I picked Radford University because of its size and location. I felt I could develop a close relationship with my professors. Along with those relationships, I knew I would have the chance to do actual independent research that I would not have been able to do at a larger state school.”

Undergraduate biology student Luis Arias in the Greenhouse at Radford University
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Undergraduate graphic design student Mayana Williams

Mayana Williams '17

“The graphic design professors have all worked in the field of graphic design, so they have real world experience. They have given me a lot of perspective and insight into the graphic design field that has made me feel more prepared for my career."

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