The Human Library: Everyone has a story.

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Please join us for our fifth Human Library on Monday, September 25th from 11 – 4 pm, on the lawn outside of McConnell Library.  “Books" at the Human Library are real people with a desire to enter into authentic conversations with others in order to challenge prejudices, promote understanding, and encourage mutual respect. It’s about talking to each other, reflecting our diverse set of experiences, and adding more empathy and a sense of community across our campus. For more details, view past event videos, including a captioned video.

Interested in volunteering to share your story? We are accepting applications online at  until midnight on Wednesday, September 6th, but you can also contact Alyssa Archer at or 540-831-5688 to sign up. And if you know someone who has a story to tell, please talk to them about the event! This event was previously branded on Radford’s campus as the Living Library. This year, we’re branding as the Human Library, to focus on the central concept of people talking to people.

Sponsored by McConnell Library, The Scholar-Citizen Initiative, The Center for Diversity & Inclusion, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Aug 31, 2017
Alyssa Archer