Web Development - Live Projects

The following steps are how Live Projects in Web Development are executed at Radford University. Each topic links to a document template or example. For more information please contact Ian Barland (ibarland@radford.edu).

1. Ongoing: Keep a Project Repository

2. Beginning of Course: Team Formation

  • Members are chosen
  • Liaison is selected to represent group
  • Members weigh in their individual skill sets
  • Project selections/proposals
3. After team formation: Project Planning
  • Team websites are assigned
  • Drawn mock ups of webpages and ERD (for database)
  • Meeting with client
  • Regular project status reports
4. Development of a prototype
  • Usage of stubs
  • An instantiated database/datasource.
  • Finalized web/data design.
  • Update client
5. Finalize Prototype/Product
  • Test prototype
  • Performance team review
  • Data validation and full connectivity of prototype/product
  • Finalize meeting with Client.

Sample of finished products or prototypes: