Software Engineering - Live Projects

The following steps are how Live Projects in Software Engineering are executed at Radford University. Each topic links to a document template or example. For more information please contact Tracy Lewis-Williams (

1. Ongoing: Keep a Project Repository

2. At the beginning of the course: Perform Project Selection

  • The Class
  • The Projects
    • Phase 1 – Project list refined by instructors
    • Phase 2 – Student project preferences survey
  • Team Formation Dimensions (sorted using a customized script)
    • Student project preferences
    • skill set
    • Student can/can’t “work with” requests
    • Personality types (MBTI inner dimensions == problem solving)

3. After teams are formed: Begin Project Execution

4. After programming iterations are complete: Perform Testing

  • Unit testing
  • Performance testing
  • Acceptance testing

5. Towards the end of the course: Manage Project Transition

Sample of finished products or prototype