Graduate Student Organization

The School Psychology Graduate Student Organization (SPGO) is a recognized club at Radford University. Because few realize the scope of the job of a school psychologist, SPGO focuses on enlightening undergraduate students and faculty on the roles and responsibilities of school psychologists within the education system.   SPGO also serves as an organizational structure for arranging trips to conferences and other professional development opportunities.  Our organization also may hold meetings to discuss relevant issues to the field, host a guest speaker, or show a relevant video outside of class. 

SPGO Officers 2010-2011

President: Joe Reser
Vice-Presidents: Brooke Holmes & Ashley Henry
NASP Representative:  Joe Reser
VASP Representative: Jenna McCutchen

For more information about SPGO at Radford University, please contact Beth Strickler at

Recent/Upcoming SPGO Events

Several students recently attended the VPA/VASP Fall Conference in Richmond, VA

Students have been involved in promoting school psychology appreciation month on the RU campus by visiting undergraduate psychology classes and discussing the profession.