Academic Concentrations and Requirements

The School of Communication at Radford University offers a comprehensive undergraduate education in a diverse field of study with courses leading to B.S. and B.A. degrees in Communication or Media Studies. The school offers its two undergraduate degree programs in the following five concentrations:

Communication degree

Media Studies degree

Together the two undergraduate degree programs offer students a broad range of possibilities for study and professional preparation.

Core Requirements

All undergraduate students in the School of Communication must complete six credit hours of core requirements.

  • COMS 130. Introduction to Communication
  • COMS 330. Communication Theory

These courses are designed to introduce students to the history, contexts, influence, and theoretical grounding of the field of Communication.

Students in the School of Communication must complete these two courses with a grade of “C” or better before they will be permitted to take 400-level courses.

An Optional International Experience

While the School of Communication does not require an international experience, it is strongly recommended as an essential component of an outstanding undergraduate education. The School of Communication regularly offers international study and travel opportunities designed to provide important intercultural learning experiences along with a focused study of the theory and practice of communication in intercultural and international contexts.