Frequently Asked Questions

What personal characteristics should I possess to succeed as a middle school teacher?

  • Positive self-concept
  • Ability to relate well with others
  • Flexible
  • Resourcefulness
  • Sense of humor
  • Innovative nature
  • Commitment to lifelong learning

May I teach in other states?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a license in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Beginning teachers may be asked to take some courses which are specific to the other state.

Should I have introductory experience before beginning class work?

Yes, work with youth or volunteer in the school for at least 50 hours to make sure of your commitment. These hours need to be documented through a written statement from your "observation supervisor."

What would my major be at RU?

Students who wish to teach in the middle school must major in Interdisciplinary Studies -- the middle education option. This major has been specifically developed to provide both the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to be successful in the middle school. As part of that major you must choose to concentrate in two of the following areas: English, mathematics, social studies, and science.

What are the requirements to enter the Teacher Education Program at Radford University?

  • Admission to the Teacher Education Program at RU is competitive with admission granted on a space-available basis
  • Completion of 52 semester hours of course work
  • A minimum of 2.50 grade point average at Radford and a 2.50 grade point average on all college work attempted
  • Successful completion of a departmental screening examination
  • Successful completion of HUMD 300 and EDEF 320
  • Pass the VCLA exam
  • Acceptable scores on PRAXIS I - Math
  • Pass one of the two Praxis II Content area exams

Transfer students seeking admission to the Teacher Education Program must have at least a 2.50 grade point average on all work attempted at all institutions. Interdisciplinary Studies majors also must submit documentation of 50 hours of work with children in structured learning situations.

What makes Radford's program unique?

Radford's Middle School Teacher Preparation Program provides a clear, in-depth focus on teaching early adolescents. Pre-service teachers are challenged to develop professional knowledge and skills and expand content knowledge during two intensive semesters in middle schools. Faculty members work closely with students.

What is the chance of getting a job teaching in the middle school?

Currently, the demand for licensed middle school teachers is greater than the supply. Candidates who are mobile have excellent job prospects.

What additional graduate/professional study is required?

None. You will receive a renewable collegiate professional license upon successful completion of the program. Many teachers do, however, go on to do graduate work to enhance their professional development.

Where can I obtain additional information about middle school teaching?

  • Visit a local school
  • Discuss the program with current students
  • Join the Student Education Association (VSEA)
  • RU School of Teacher Education and Leadership
  • RU McConnell Library
  • RU Academic Advising Centers
  • Program Liaison
  • Teacher Resources Center